5 Tips For Keeping Your Floors Clean


Spring is just around the corner

The snow is almost gone and the trees and flowers are starting to think about budding again, but with all this warm weather comes mud and dirt and grit. Along with the worry of how to keep your floors clean and at their best. So let’s go through some tips for keeping your floors cleaner and looking newer longer.

Tip 1:      Keep Dirt Out With A Doormat Or Walk Off Mat

A mat can help to keep out some of your floor’s greatest enemies – one of which being dirt. Tracked-in dirt or grit means you’ll have to spend longer cleaning. Grit acts like a sandpaper, removing the finish of your floor. So keep a mat either inside or outside to help stop some of that unwanted dirt from entering into your space.

Tip 2:      Keep Your Floors Clean

Get at that dirt or mud when you see it. Don’t let it sit there and get ground into the floors. Sweep frequently and wipe up spills right away to keep your floors looking newer longer.

Tip 3:      Learn Some Low-Impact Cleaning Techniques

Instead of going straight for the heavy-duty cleaners to blast through that dirt, clean your flooring with the mildest possible method. Sweep or vacuum your floors as often as possible and be sure to wipe up spills as soon as they happen. If there is dirt left that your broom or vacuum can’t seem to get, use a dampened mop with warm – NOT HOT – water. If this still isn’t cutting it, use a soap or detergent – we recommend Armstrong Once N' Done – to get at those though spots.

Tip 4:      Rinse Your Floors Well

Soap scum left on the floors may actually increase the amount of dirt collected. Be sure you always rinse your flooring well after a clean to make sure that soap scum is gone. Bonus tip! Have two mops – one for cleaning and one for rinsing.

Tip 4:      Don't Drench Your Floors

An overly wet mop could cause the edges of the floors to curl or the glue underneath to loosen and cause your flooring to lift – promoting more dirt to collect. Always make sure your mop is nice and damp, not soaking wet, when you go to clean your floors.

Happy Spring Cleaning, everyone!