5.0mm Luxury Vinyl

In Luxury Vinyl - Bigger is Better

Welcome to the next generation of Luxury Vinyl flooring where bigger is most definitely better!

We invite you to compare Creative Options to competitive luxury vinyl products to experience the Creative Options difference. At roughly double the overall thickness of traditional luxury vinyl planks, Creative Options literally outweighs the competition giving it enhanced performance and durability.

Why Choose Creative Options?

Extreme Durability

Manufactured for heavy commercial use. With our built in anti-bacterial coating, polyurethane coating and heavy commercial wear layer, you can finally cut back on the stress of not knowing whether your floors will be able to handle what life may throw your way. Our anti-bacterial and polyurethane coatings makes Creative Options ideal for kitchens or baths.

Realistic Look

Enjoy the pleasures of a stylish ultra matte hardwood floor without all the work and for a fraction of the cost.

Pleasant Under Foot

Our 5.0 MM overall thickness gets your feet up off the cold subfloor below along with providing extra cushion and sound deadening properties.

Easy Installation

With the ability to install over most existing floors, along with the option of Loose Lay or glue down installation, Creative Options allows for a stress free installation.

Easy Maintenance

No matter your flooring choice, life throws you challenges that can scratch and damage your floor. Creative Options makes it easy to replace the damaged areas (with our Loose Lay installation option), saving you time and money.




Crafted from over 10 years of experience.

For years Buckwold Western Ltd. has developed innovative flooring products which offer competitive advantages over many other flooring options. Creative Options is sourced from a Korean Manufacturer that has over 10 years of experience making Luxury Vinyl for partners across the globe. Buckwold Western Ltd. enforces strict quality standards and works with our retail partners to ensure their customers are satisfied with their flooring choices.

Made from 100% recyclable material and bearing the FloorScore® certification allows you to rest at ease knowing your floor was produced in a facility that abides by the most stringent environmental standards in the industry.

  • (Above - The Buckwold building in downtown Saskatoon during the 1950’s. Since then Buckwold Western Ltd. has opened six other locations throughout Western Canada.)